Business English Osnabrück

English…and GO! is a premium language and consulting service in Osnabrück and the surrounding area. We are professionals like you, with international backgrounds.

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Business English Osnabrück

English...and Go! understands customer service, negotiations and project management at the professional level. We have more than 20 years of professional experience in the United States, Canada and Germany. Our consultants and teachers have an in-depth knowledge of the key differences between German and English speaking cultures. In addition, we retain a professional network that also allows us to offer consulting within the Persian and Chinese context.

We can help you perform at your highest level when using English. Whether your headquarters are in Osnabrück or in Oslo we will work with you to develop a strategy that is custom-made for your operations and needs. English…and Go! offers a variety of unique services for the professional: Negotiation strategies, exhibition preparation, conflict resolution and assistance with conferences and conference calls.

Because we offer a premium service, our consultants work directly with you and your team in the preparation of the project or during the language lessons. Whether you need help from the ground up or only the finishing touches, English…and Go! is your partner in success.

Intercultural Training

Language is more than words; it is an expression of culture and values. When working with international suppliers and customers, understanding is critical to close the deal.

Intercultural Training

English...and Go! uses real world interaction and exploration of cultural differences that go well beyond the basics of small talk and time management. Why do your email questions go unanswered? How can you negotiate project delays in a way that gets the results you need without causing conflict? Quality communication is critical to improving your business.

We understand that different cultures have different business practices and this can complicate relationships and negotiations. By working with you to understand your company’s needs and the cultural differences we can enable you and your team to minimize misunderstandings and conflicts. English...and Go! will help you and your team become more effective and more successful in your international operations.

"Mein Schulenglisch war wertlos, als ich in meiner ersten internationalen Telefonkonferenz saß. Mittlerweile leite ich - dank English… and Go! - sehr erfolgreich in Englisch Konferenzen."

Herr Karl R. - gewerblicher Immobilien-Verkäufer

English courses for the professional

You are great at your job, but when you have to speak English you feel unsure. You don’t always have the right words or are unsure if the client understands you correctly. Will mistakes affect your business’ success?

English Courses

Bad ideas can come into a discussion due to misunderstandings or differences in fluency level. English and…Go! can help. Our focus is on making you more confident and more effective. With ‘Effective English’ we can help you get your ideas across clearly and easily.


Your secrets are safe with us. Whether it is fully understanding sensitive documents or coaching team members before (or during) a conference call, English...and Go! offers complete discretion. Our staff can prepare non-disclosure agreements for project specific work or on demand.

Wir helfen Ihnen gerne weiter.
Kathrin Bramkamp, Kundenberatung

Kathrin Bramkamp,

Steve Sackinger

Having worked for many companies in the US and Canada, from small enterprises to large multinationals, Steve understands business and how to improve sales and employee performance on many levels.

With an open style that blends ‘real world’ applications to traditional teaching, Steve creates a unique atmosphere that inspires and empowers people to reach their full potential in the workplace.

Steve has been teaching and consulting at many firms in and around the Osnabrück area since 2010.

Steve Sackinger, Consultant and English Teacher
Steve Sackinger
Consultant and English teacher
Born: New York, USA
Professional experience in USA, Canada, Germany

Alle Suehl

Alle has considerable Cognitive and Neurolinguistic knowledge. She frequently consults on presentations, negotiations and the use of non-verbal communication. Alle also teaches language and communication courses in both academic and professional contexts. Alle holds a Master’s Degree in English Studies.

Alle Suehl, Consultant and English Teacher
Alle Suehl
Consultant and English teacher
Born: Iowa, USA
Professional experience in USA, Germany

Ashante Sanders

Ashante was born and raised in Florida, USA. She is now currently studying a masters in International Migration and Intercultural relations. Alongside English teaching and translation, she is interested in cultural and intercultural communication. She is excited to teach English in a way that is engaging and dynamic.

Ashante Sanders, Consultant and English Teacher
Ashante Sanders
Consultant and English teacher
Born: Florida, USA
Expert for USA, Germany

Ben Twist

Ben has studied and worked in a number of different scientific fields, originally starting out studying Computer Science and working in software development in his homeland, Australia. He now studies computational linguistics and robotics, and the question of how we can best teach computers human languages.

Ben isn’t only interested in teaching computers though; for three years he has taught English students at various levels and for various styles. Ben’s varied background and his knowledge of linguistics make him a flexible teacher, always adapting to the specific needs of each individual student.

Ben Twist, Consultant and English Teacher
Ben Twist
Consultant and English teacher
Born: Australia
Expert for Australia, New Zealand and Germany

Steven Osborne

Steven is a Cognitive Science Master’s student at the University of Osnabrueck. He was born and raised in Florida and studied psychology at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

His current research involves philosophy and psychology of self-control and self-conscious emotions. He has a life-long interest in creative writing and literature that stems from a passion for the English language.

Steven Osborne, Consultant and English Teacher
Consultant and English teacher
Born in Florida

Greg Frediani

Born and raised in Oregon, Greg graduated with a degree in Digital Communication Arts from Oregon State University

His studies at Oregon State focused on the ever changing communication methods and styles within the digital world. He's adapted this knowledge from his studies and is now utilizing it when teaching business English. Greg is able to teach with varying styles and at different levels. This flexibility allows him to create a classroom environment, that is both engaging and comfortable for students

Greg Frediani, Consultant and English Teacher
Greg Frediani
Consultant und Englisch teacher
Born in Oregon

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