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English...and Go! understands that adults do not learn the same way as children. Adult education needs to spark interest and connect to existing knowledge. Our customized lessons build on both the interests and the responsibilities of our clients. This is why our customers improve their English faster!


We understand that different cultures have different business practices and this can complicate relationships and negotiations. By working with you to understand your company’s needs and the cultural differences you encounter, we can enable you and your team to minimize misunderstandings and conflicts. English...and Go! will help you and your team become more effective and more successful in your international operations.


Learn through current events and real world application of topics that relate to your needs. There are no textbooks and no generic worksheets, only lessons that are planned around what the group wants and needs to succeed and expand their knowledge further. Discussing various topics not only helps prepare you for conversation, but also for quick thinking and improving the speaking skills necessary to feel confident in English again.