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Individual Courses

Individual lesson

Specialized lessons for managers and directors

We provide premium professional training one on one. Busy executives want a reliable, flexible and discrete partner. This is what we offer.

We work with you on the communication skills you need for your projects to be successful. Negotiations with Dutch suppliers? We can help. Do you have to give a company presentation? We can help. Do you have trouble keeping up in conference calls? We can help.

English and Go specialises in helping the professional achieve their potential. The goal of our courses and training is to solidify and improve your vocabulary/speaking in professional situations. All of our teachers are native speakers from the US or Canada and know how to help you give the right impression in every situation. From business to government English and Go! has prepared our professional clients for the challenges they face. English and Go! will give you confidence with using English for your work.

Please contact us, we are ready and willing to help.

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